Holy Grounds


This quarterly event promotes a deeper understanding among young adults of how our Catholic faith can be lived in contemporary times. By providing an open and friendly environment with coffee and live jazz music, participants can relax and take a break from the normal stresses of the day and engage in honest conversations about following Jesus in today’s world.

Visit https://soundcloud.com/firepit-ministry for all of the recordings of past Holy Grounds speakers

Upcoming Holy Grounds:

February 15, 2019 7PM @ St. John’s

“What is God’s will for me?” is a question we often lose sleep over. If God wants what’s best for us, why doesn’t He just tell us the plan so we can all get a move on? Some people experience this sort of direct revelation. But most of us don’t. And that’s okay. How we carry on with carrying on is just as crucial to discern when we don't get a map to guide us.

Alec Williams' odd journey is a story of picking one’s own path, reorienting when it consistently goes astray, and sometimes trusting God a little along the way. It’s an incomplete, imperfect story about wrestling with what we call God’s “will”. But mostly, it’s about spiritual struggle, not spiritual attainment… and how that’s okay, too.

May 17, 2019 7PM @ Sacred Heart

NFP Panel

August 16, 2019 7PM @ St. Mark’s

November 16, 2019 7PM @ Risen Christ