St Vincent de Paul Shopping Assistant

This ongoing position provides an opportunity to directly interact with their clients as you assist them in making their food selections. 


  1. Arrive 30 minutes prior to opening
  2. Sign in and put on a SVdP vest or apron and a nametag
  3. Gather after prayer by the food bulletin board for the updates on products and quantities that can be distributed that time
  4. After the clients have checked in with the greeter, a ticket is printed in the back for a shopping assistant to pick up
  5. Call out the person's name to go shopping
  6. Use the client ticket to determine the number of family members to be served
  7. Assist the client in making meat and dairy choices from the bulletin board
  8. Health Department regulations dictate that clients may not touch food located in the green refrigerator, freezers, or coolers. The shopping assistant will retrieve these items for the client
  9. Politely and gently move clients through the food aisles. Ten to fifteen minutes should be sufficient time to complete shopping while keeping traffic flowing
  10. Shopping assistants may assist clients to their vehicle to unload groceries. 
  11. Shopping assistants MUST remain with their client until the client leaves the pantry
  12. Shopping assistants may experience variations in their shift endings because of late truck arrivals or a large number of clients to be served. 
  13. After your shift, please remain 15-30 minutes to help prepare for the next day. 
  14. If you have any questions please contact the Pantry Daily Supervisor or the Pantry Manager, Chris Martinez at (252 433-8442


If you are interested please fill out this form, Shopping Assistant Form, and drop it off at St. Vincent de Paul's. 


Please contact Ernesto at for more information to get involved!