Take advantage of these opportunities to unplug and connect with the tangible, closeness, and tenderness of God through inspiring encounters in personal prayer & interactions with other young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.

Upcoming Retreats:

MLK Weekend 2020

Silent Retreat

Location: TBA

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Fall 2020

Caritas Retreat

In our busy lives, we seldom have an opportunity to honestly, openly, and significantly reflect on what love means personally to each of us. 

Caritas offers such an opportunity. It creates a safe and sacred space among young adults in their mid-20′s, 30′s and 40's to explore their honest feelings and thoughts about love, God, and meaningful relationships. It is a Catholic retreat, Ignatian in character, facilitated by Fr. Tri M. Dinh, SJ and a team of a religious and lay ministers, diverse in age, backgrounds, and states of life. It is open to ALL.

Since 2005, Caritas has helped thousands of people on different faith journeys take their next step in life. Could it help you discover love anew?

The retreat format integrates presentations, personal prayer, liturgies and conversations based on topics like:

  • Longing to Love and be Loved

  • Love Chooses Me?

  • Love and Sexuality

  • Love and its 10,000 Imitations

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